NetHope Global Summit – Solution Dynamics saves charities up to 50% on Supporter Communications

Press Release
October 05, 2023
Learn how to save up to 50% on supporter communications through digital transformation while improving supporter engagement with Solution Dynamics at NetHope Global Summit October 17-19 in Munich, Germany. Solution Dynamics is an exhibitor at the annual Summit for the global non–profit and technology sector.

We look forward to the Summit and collaborating with more non-profits.

Patrick Brand

Customer Communications Management (CCM) is a critical function of international non-profit charities. The cost and timeliness of international mailings, however, can be prohibitive. Solution Dynamics, software platform provider and world leader in global CCM as a service, has partnered with some of the world’s largest charity organizations to develop highly personalized and timely supporter communications at scale, while significantly driving down postage costs.

Solution Dynamics CCM as a managed service offering combines a complete end-to-end cloud services platform and expert knowledge of global postage and logistics pricing to dynamically route digital and printed communications through a global network of over 300 service providers.

“This can save up to 50% on postage and logistics costs and accelerates delivery by days or weeks,” says Patrick Brand, CEO of Solution Dynamics, North America and Europe. “The solution is adaptable to the unique requirements of non-profits with supporters in multiple countries regardless of their location. We look forward to the Summit and collaborating with more non-profits.”

For instance, Solution Dynamics has closely collaborated with World Vision since 2019 to lead a digital transformation of its global sponsor communications, resulting in annual cost savings of millions of dollars. This initiative has also liberated over 10,000 staff hours each year across 54 World Vision offices worldwide. Solution Dynamics provides a complete end-to-end management of global nonprofit communications that removes the complexity of managing multiple vendors, generates cost and time savings, and enables increased income through supporter experience enhancements.

Learn more at NetHope Global Summit 2023 October 17-19 in Munich, Germany and October 23-24 via virtual engagement. More information and registration can be found on the Summit website at

To learn more about how Solution Dynamics can help international charities streamline and save money on donor communications, visit Complete an online form on the Contact page and Solution Dynamics will respond within 24 hours. Solution Dynamics is a global leader in Customer Communications Management as a managed service with offices in the United States, the United Kingdom and New Zealand.

Patrick Brand

CEO of Solution Dynamics

About Solution Dynamics

For nearly 30 years, Solution Dynamics (NZX: SDL) has been a trusted partner delivering print and digital customer communications management as a service. Helping global Enterprise and nonprofits improve their customer experience while reducing business costs, complexity, and environmental impact of their customer communications.

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