International Nonprofit Solutions

Your international nonprofit might face one or a number of these customer communications business challenges that we can help you solve with our Global CCM as a service.

Nonprofit communications
challenges & solutions

Business challenge

Your organization has complex fundraising office manual workflows to produce donor fundraising communications, marketing materials and new donor welcome packs. These are expensive, draining on your staff, slow to deliver and create a poor donor experience.

Business solution

Solution Dynamics’ Global CCM Platform digitally transforms and automates the complex production of personalized new donor marketing materials and welcome packs, enabling all fundraising offices to use a common approach. This reduces your cost to serve, while improving delivery times and enhancing your donor’s experience.

Business challenge

As an international NGO, your donor impact communications require time-intensive in-field design and production processes to meet the bi-lateral needs of multiple fundraising offices. This takes valuable time away from your field staff’s main role of helping beneficiaries.

Business solution

Solution Dynamics’ Global CCM Platform enables your fundraising offices to have a common donor impact communication design with streamlined data and media inputs while retaining their personalization and customizations to meet their audience needs. This substantially simplifies the workflow and improves the quality of your donor communications, while reducing staff effort.

Business challenge

To mail your donor impact communications, your international nonprofit has expensive, time-intensive and slow-to-deliver local printing and mailing processes within each field country.

Business solution

Solution Dynamics’ Global CCM Platform optimizes the location of print and mail regional hubs across the world through our world-leading network of over 300 print and mail service providers. Reducing your costs and speeding up delivery to your donors.

Solution Dynamics provides a complete end-to-end management of our global nonprofit communications that removes the complexity of managing multiple vendors, generates cost and time savings, and increases income through supporter experience enhancements.

Global Operations Director, World Vision International

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