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Solution Dynamics is publicly listed on the NZX Main Board

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SDL Annual Report FY2023

SDL Interim Report FY2023

SDL Annual Report FY2022

SDL Interim Report FY2022

SDL Annual Report FY2021

SDL Annual Report FY2020

SDL Interim Report FY2021

SDL Annual Report FY2019

SDL Interim Report FY2019

SDL Annual Report FY2018

SDL Annual Report FY2017

SDL Annual Report FY2018 – Appendix 4

SDL Interim Report FY2018

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Board Governance

As a public listed company, Solution Dynamics’ Board is committed best practice standards for corporate governance, risk and regulatory compliance.

To view our Governance documents, please hover over the name of the document you wish to view and this will click through to the associated pdf.

Corporate Governance Statement FY2022

Audit & Risk Committee Charter

Corporate Governance Statement FY2022

Board Charter

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Health and Safety Policy

Market Disclosure Policy

Remuneration & Nominations Policy

Share Trading Policy

Whistle Blower Policy

Directors’ Remuneration Review 2022

SDL Constitution

Investor Contacts

General Security Holders

Computershare Investor Services Limited
Private Bag 92119
Victoria Street West, Auckland 1142
New Zealand
Phone: 09 488 8777

Media Enquires

Patrick Brand  |  Chief Executive Officer

Phone: +1 203-550-0865

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