Digitally transform and reduce the cost of your customer communications

Better engage your global customers while substantially reducing the cost of your international mail.

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Global Customer Communications Management

At Solution Dynamics we provide global customer communications management as a service (Global CCM). We uniquely enable organizations to both better engage their customers digitally AND optimize the production and distribution of their international mail closer to its end destination.

Digitally transform your customer communications

Solution Dynamics’ cloud-based customer communications management software platform makes it easy for you to manage the evolution from print to digital for the future.

Your team can produce and deliver on-demand personalized digital communications, as well as centrally manage local print and mail to your international customers.

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Reduce the cost of your international mail


Up to 50% cost savings

While print remains essential for customer preference and regulatory requirements, international mail costs continue to rise in many markets and delivery gets slower.

Our Global CCM software platform dynamically optimizes worldwide print and mail locations, across our industry-leading partner network of over 300 local mail service providers.

Producing and mailing communications closer to your customers substantially reduces your postage and logistics costs, accelerates delivery, and reduces harmful CO2 emissions!

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A customized solution to suit your needs

Your customers need personalized and localized communications. Our highly configurable Global CCM platform enables us to create a solution specific to your future needs, however complex.

Our platform enables you to manage these evolving digital and print needs centrally, and create, produce, deliver, and track customer communications from anywhere to everywhere!

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The world’s largest enterprises and nonprofits trust Solution Dynamics to manage their digital and print customer communications

Top 3 international NGO

Saved $millions in printing and mailing costs, as well as 10,000 staff hours using Solution Dynamics’ platform to create, manage and deliver hybrid mail donor communications across 187 countries.

Big 4 global services firm

Chose Solution Dynamics to deliver customer communications for a leading global credit card provider in India, saving significant postage costs while speeding up receipt of compliance mailings.

Top 3 global cybersecurity and identity management firm

Chose Solution Dynamics for cyber breach notifications in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia, reducing legal exposure and cutting costs by 30%.

Leading global dental practice software provider

Utilized Solution Dynamics’ platform for all omnichannel communication to their customers in UK, US, and NZ, growing millions in additional practice revenue.

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