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Solution Dynamics Launches Global Customer Communications Management as a Service

Press Release
May 09, 2023

New York: Solution Dynamics today announced the launch of their new offering – Global Customer Communications Management as a Service.

The Solution Dynamics Global CCM platformed service uniquely offers global enterprises and nonprofits a simpler way to better engage their customers digitally AND substantially reduce the cost of their international mail communications. 

Our new Global CCM as a Service enables global organizations to create and manage customer communications remotely from anywhere to everywhere”, stated Pat Brand, CEO of Solution Dynamics.

We look forward to continuing to digitally transform and drive down the cost of customer communications for the largest global enterprises, international NGOs, global universities, software platform providers and business process outsourcers.

Pat Brand

CEO of Solution Dynamics

International mail enables organizations to stay connected with customers based on channel preference and meet regulatory notice requirements in financial services for “Know Your Customer” (KYC) and cybersecurity breach notices. However, international mail is long overdue for digital transformation, largely relying on expensive airplanes and trucks to transport mail across the United States and across the world. 

The Solution Dynamics Global CCM as a Service offering enables the digital transformation of international mail through the integration of a complete CCM software technology platform, deep global postage and logistics expertise and the largest global distributed print network:

One global platform

A highly configurable world-leading, cloud-based customer communication management platform to create and produce highly personalized digital and print content, however complex. Seamless integration with data and media sources, digital channel delivery and a unique global network of 300 mail service providers. Enabling printing and mailing closer to end destination, and greater control and visibility of global campaigns from anywhere to everywhere.

International mail experts

A team of industry experts with access to the best global postage and logistics pricing and partners, to dynamically optimize the production and distribution of international mail closer to the end customer. Shorter shipping distances mean reduced postage and logistics costs by up to 50%, faster delivery times, greater visibility and delivery predictability as well as reduced harmful CO2 emissions by 50% to 80%.

Complete outsourced solution

A complete ‘global customer communications service’ through a cloud-based software platform and digital transformation approach. Reducing administration and procurement burden, simplifying global business processes, and increasing agility and speed to market.

Customer communications management (CCM) is a growing multi-billion-dollar industry of software and hardware vendors, mail service providers and global logistics companies that provide tools and resources to help organizations stay connected with their customers.  

CCM as a Service is a newly emerging outsourced service category that reflects the convergence of people, process, and technology to help organizations manage their entire customer communications lifecycle. 

Solution Dynamics is uniquely positioned in the emerging Global CCM as a Service space, servicing global customers through its unique Global CCM software platform, team of industry experts and international network of print and mail service providers. 

For more information about the Solution Dynamics Global CCM as a Service offering or to schedule a call with one of our team of experts, please visit

About Solution Dynamics

For nearly 30 years, Solution Dynamics (NZX: SDL) has been a trusted partner delivering print and digital customer communications management as a service. Helping global Enterprise and nonprofits improve their customer experience while reducing business costs, complexity, and environmental impact of their customer communications.

Solution Dynamics is a publicly listed company with offices in US, UK, and New Zealand. For the latest announcements and financial results visit Investor Center.