Solution Dynamics – UK Bremy Contract

Solution Dynamics – UK Bremy Contract

Investor Announcement
September 28, 2015

Solution Dynamics (SDL) has previously announced an agreement to incorporate DéjarMail functionality into a specialised and market leading software package supplying a vertical market in the UK health sector, along with a similar agreement covering health practices in New Zealand and Australia.

In addition, SDL has now reached a further agreement for Bremy to be utilised as a marketing communications platform for the health practices to engage with their clients. The Bremy marketing solution will be implemented in New Zealand, Australia, the UK, France, the Netherlands and Spain, giving potential access to over 20,000 health practices. The agreement sees SDL receive a small share of any monthly revenues charged to the health practices by the health software vendor, and share some of its print margin with the software vendor.

As Bremy will be provided on a SaaS (software as a service) basis the roll out process will be faster than the DéjarMail roll out which requires an on-site installation at each practice. While SDL expects this contract will be material to the company’s prospects, it is difficult at this stage to assess the likely take up rate or eventual level of practice penetration. The product launches to health practices in London in late October.

For further information, please contact:

John McMahon Chairman
+61-410-411 806

Nelson Siva
Director & Chief Executive Officer
+64-21-415 027

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