Integrated solutions all in once place

Our suite of solutions has been designed to meet the most complex customer omnichannel communication delivery needs. With a full suite of solutions and cloud-based software integrating into existing ERP/CRM systems, we have been able to transform the efficiency and effectiveness of companies existing customer communication delivery processes.

It’s not only about having a suite of integrated solutions all in one place but also having proven and scalable solutions that are faster, easier and more cost effective to implement.

Digital Asset Management

Advanced digital asset management solution

An advanced digital asset management solution which combines a central repository to store, manage and access brand assets, associated accurate brand and product information together with integrated publishing applications.

Using a powerful and intelligent online platform, people from across an organisation can find what they need, when they need it. It provides the foundation for achieving a more streamlined customer communications delivery system.

Key Features

  • Centralised DAM repository
  • Image manipulation
  • File Version Control
  • Metadata management
  • Digital asset optimisation
  • Document template management
  • Product information management
  • Publishing application
  • Asset access portal & ordering application
  • 24/7 access from anywhere have internet access
  • Advanced user rights management

Content Generation

A content generation solution

A content creation solution which makes it easier and faster for users from across an organisation to construct customer communications.

Using an integrated digital workflow platform, with access to templates, brand materials and compliant information, individual teams from across an organisation can easily create the myriad of different types of customer communications required today.

From letters, personalised documents, dm, point of sale, product catalogues, invoices and policy documents, to emails and sms communications, time and process efficiency gains across the internal creation process are unlocked.

Key Features

  • Communication content generation workflows
  • Content generation workflows
  • Digital asset ingestion
  • Smart document ingestion
  • Smart template ingestion
  • Advanced database driven templates
  • Online preview
  • Multi-language capabilities
  • Approval workflows
  • Advanced user rights management


Personalised communication solutions

Using an online digital platform with a range of integrated workflow options to handle the different types of personalised customer communications required by organisations (high volume batch production runs, marketing and direct campaigns, one to one customer service and/or on demand customer self-service) the production process is made easier, faster and more efficient.

Also, by leveraging the use of predefined letter, document, pos, email and sms templates with customised data integration, it’s a solution that is easily scalable. This makes it an ideal fit for large, complex, franchise and global businesses.

Key Features

  • Automated workflows for communications personalisation
  • Workflows for content personalisation for printed mail, email, sms
  • Smart document and data driven templates
  • Online preview and approval workflows
  • Automated workflows for dispatch of personalised communications
  • Automated workflows to effect print and mailhouse services
  • Advanced user rights management

Omnichannel Delivery

Print mail, Email and SMS all from one platform

An omnichannel delivery solution which enables you to distribute communications based on your customer’s individual preferences (post mail, email, SMS). Gain the flexibility you need, eliminate inefficient processes and benefit from automated digital workflows to deliver seamless customer communications faster and more cost effectively.

For printed communications, it also provides access to full print management and mail house services, on a global scale. Our supply network extends to 300+printers in 50 countries. For email and SMS deliveries, it provides access to database cleansing services.

Key Features

  • Automated workflows for printed mail
  • Automated workflows for email
  • Automated workflows for sms
  • Access to a database cleansing workflow
  • Access  to print and mailhouse services
  • Access to bulk mail rates to save money
  • Advanced user rights management

Communication Logistics

An inbound/outbound management solution

An inbound/outbound management solution for large volumes of customer communications and to speed customer interactions.

Utilising a fully integrated archiving and retrieval system plus automated workflows, it’s easier and faster for internal teams to search, view, update and redistribute customer documents for one to one customer service and/or customer self-service, 24/7.

Not only can you empower your internal team with more efficient tools, but you can also boost your risk management around business processes with improved regulatory and brand compliance.

Key Features

  • Outbound and inbound communications management
  • High volume document scanning and data capture
  • File conversion – from paper to digital and bulk ingestion
  • Meta-data tagging automation for ease of retrieval and reuse
  • Managing sensitive and time critical documents
  • Outsourced digital archiving and document management services
  • Integration into existing systems
  • Advanced user rights management

Post on Demand

Create and manage on-demand jobs from anywhere anytime

Ready to get Post on Demand working for you:

Post on Demand has been designed specifically to meet the needs of managing on demand customer communication delivery. It’s a solution that will enable you to transform previous disruptive and time constrained internal production processes as well as optimise delivery workflows.

Our post on demand solution provides access to a self-service online portal to effect omni-channel customer communication deliveries across print, email and SMS. Utilising a powerful and intuitive cloud-based platform and a simple drag and drop process, it’s faster, easier and ultimately, more cost effective.