Financial Management Services

Outsourcing of financial services processing is acknowledged as being a proven and effective business practice today. With decades of expertise in providing financial processing services we can help businesses make their processing practices more efficient using automated workflows. Plus, speed up processing times and in doing so, make savings on cost per transaction.

Outsourcing can also help businesses move through the digital transformation journey faster and free up their financial teams to concentrate on core responsibilities and growth initiatives.

Cheque/Remittance/Receivable Processing Service

Whilst banks in New Zealand have signalled they are moving to a fully digital remittance environment by 1st April 2020, it is acknowledged that there will still be a need for businesses to access a Cheque/Remittance/Receivable processing service as their customers transition to online banking.

That’s where we can help. Solution Dynamics already offers a proven bureau-based Cheque/Remittance/Receivable processing service. It covers:

  • Mailbox redirect and/or clearance. Includes exception handling e.g. incorrect mail, returns, etc
  • Opening, receipting, sorting, etc ready for processing
  • Scanning, indexing (against a remittance advice etc)
  • Summary reporting and electronic file for upload directly to customer’s systems
  • Depositing cheques with appropriate documentation to your bank
  • Retaining of Cheque/Remittance advice image files – archived for retrieval/auditing etc

We will work with you to understand your challenges around this changing Cheque/Remittance landscape and provide a speedy solution to meet your financial management needs.

Automated Accounts Payable Processing Service

Outsourcing Accounts Payable processing using automated solutions goes well beyond just cost savings. It’s about providing businesses with processes and systems to increase productivity, work smarter and have more technological agility.

That’s where we can help.  Solution Dynamics offers a proven automated Accounts Payable processing solution.

  • Mailbox redirect and/or clearance. Includes exception handling e.g. incorrect mail, returns, etc
  • Opening, receipting, sorting and batching all incoming Accounts Payable mail according to your business rules – including ALL media types e.g. email
  • Scan all Accounts Payable (Invoice) mail – dual black & white (bi-tonal) and colour
  • Capture and extract the Accounts Payable data
  • Process into our workflow collaboration platform with applied business rules
  • Integrated reporting – Accounts Payable process status updates known and reported upon at any time
  • Retaining of Invoice image files – archived for retrieval / auditing etc
  • Full audit history for compliance and auditing
  • A process and system able to withstand international audit coupled with a robust QA process