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Some organisations have embraced digitisation, whilst others acknowledge a major issue for them is a lack of access to critical customer information, particularly for one to one customer service interactions.

That’s where we can help. With decades of expertise in communication logistics, we have been called upon to not only handle bulk scanning, file conversion and archiving of large volumes of customer communication documents, Plus, we have developed a powerful online and centralised storage repository with powerful end-user functionality. It not only provides the foundation for internal process improvements but also, enhanced customer and internal teams service satisfaction levels.

> Speeding communication interactions

Much more than just an archiving solution for high volume transactional and customer communication documents (invoices, receipts, policy documents, emails, call tracking, etc) but an advanced retrieval system for dot-for-dot copies of original documents, notes and history.

With integrated and automated workflows for accessing predetermined brand and legal compliant letter and document templates, internal teams can update, publish, print and/or  e-mail them  to customers. The focus is on making internal processes and systems more efficient and user-friendly. Plus making for a faster and more personalised service delivery.

It’s simple to set up and highly scalable to cover any request load. Plus, with built in management protocols, it allows complete visibility with review logs for every action taken within the system.

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> Advanced scanning and data capture services

Advanced scanning and data capture services are an integral part of any integrated document management system. Converting high volumes of paper documents to digital formats and handling the management of sensitive and time critical documents.

It’s about providing organisations with a more efficient and fully integrated, secure and centralised digital document management solution. Also, making it easier and faster for internal teams to have an easily accessible system for viewing and managing customer and business documents.

We also get called upon to handle companies bulk scanning and document management requirements on an outsourced service basis.    It offers a fully integrated solution, saving you storage space, time and money. Plus, a solution that is secure yet accessible anywhere 24/7.

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