Our Company

Looking to the future of communications

Solution Dynamics has a proud history of transforming the efficiency and effectiveness of companies customer communication delivery needs. No matter how complex, we have seen it all. It’s not just about having a suite of proven, integrated solutions (from automated workflows to cross border deliveries), but also the right technology. Possessing the experience can make a huge difference in getting the desired results quicker. Our personalised approach means we’ll help you choose the right solutions for your business, no matter how complex.

Streamlining customer communications at scale

As a publicly listed company on the New Zealand stock exchange, we are committed to building on what we know but looking to the future as our business and our clients are operating in an ever-changing world.

Our integrated solutions have been designed to meet even the most demanding customer communication needs and for organisations around the world.

The focus is on helping to transform our clients’ omnichannel communications and service delivery, locking in new, improved processes.

Worldwide service for organisations around the world

Our reputation for quality, service and reliable delivery has meant we now work with companies around the world. From airlines to financial institutions, to fast moving consumer goods organisations, education, government and utility providers, our suite of integrated, scalable solutions are transforming the efficiency and effectiveness of their customer communications delivery.

The loyalty of our clients is testament to our innovation approach, our proven solutions and our continual desire to add value to their businesses as a result. We have teams based in New Zealand, USA and UK.

A quest for service improvement, a thirst for innovation

In 1996, when Solution Dynamics opened its doors, today’s complexity in technology and digital communications was just a glimmer on the horizon. As a first mover in our field, SDL has evolved from simple mailhouse and digital printing, to a full-service technology-focused communications solutions provider we are today.

That never-ending quest for improvement and innovation is testament to our desire to support and transform our clients’ omnichannel communications delivery systems and processes.

Today our technology based communications solutions are used by over 40,000,000 people worldwide.

Benchmarks for performance and service improvement

With a commitment to operating with industry best practice and continuous service improvement to the fore, we are continually measuring our performance.

Our Certifications and Commitments

ISO/IEC 27001 is an internationally recognised certification to verify that we have implemented an information management system (ISMS). This is a systematic approach to managing company and client information so it remains secure. The risk management process extends across people, processes and IT systems.


ISO 14064-1/Carbon managed warranty is an international validation and verification to recognise our having effective formalised processes and systems in place to measure, report and manage our greenhouse gas emissions.

PEFC is an internationally recognised non-profit, organisation dedicated to sustainable forest management. We have achieved Chain of Custody certification for our management systems and practices in regard to paper products