Today we’re delighted to announce we’re moving our logo “S” forward to reflect the next stage in the company’s ongoing journey of innovation. Our website design also reflects this change.

We’ve rebranded to recognise that with technology moving faster than ever before, businesses need a partner who is adaptable and evolving to help them be ready for the next wave of change. A partner that can help them effectively manage and deliver optimal customer experiences spanning multiple communication channels and across global boundaries.  Solution Dynamics effectively utilises technology, people and processes to fundamentally improve how businesses communicate with their customers.

We help our customers move along the technology S-curve, ever developing, ever improving.

Solution Dynamics is resolute on making digital transformation an enabler of future business success. Our focus is on streamlining customer communications at scale and on a global basis. We partner with businesses to understand their customer communications’ management challenges and implement solutions that can unlock the potential of digital transformation.

From automated workflows for content generation to omni-channel delivery, our focus is on helping businesses improve internal processes and systems. It’s about using an integrated suite of proven solutions and the right technology to reduce complexity, enable integration across business functions and to make customer communications’ management easier, faster. Plus, with the ability to personalise communications, manage inbound and outbound communications, businesses can increase service levels and amplify their customer engagement.

The company has a strong pipeline of international business opportunities and recently announced the appointment of Mr Patrick Brand to run SDL Inc as President – SDL North America, to accelerate growth across the US.

We have also launched a new solution, Post on Demand. It provides a digital workflow via a self-service online portal that streamlines and simplifies the delivery of those adhoc customer communications that businesses find time-consuming and demanding to manage. With delivery across printed mail, email and SMS channels, it’s faster, easier and extremely cost effective.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers, partners, suppliers and our team for your support so far. We’re thrilled to be embarking on this new journey with you.