For the purposes of NZAX Listing Rule 7.11.1, Solution Dynamics Limited (NZX: SDL) advises the following securities have been issued and allotted on 4 April 2018. These shares are issued under SDL’s Employee Share Option Plan 2014.

Class of Security: Ordinary shares

Number issued or acquired: 310,000

Nominal value and issue price or acquisition price: N/A

Whether payment was in cash: $0.375 per share

Any amount paid up: Fully paid ordinary shares

Percentage of the total Class of Securities issued: 2.18%

Reason for the issue: Issue of shares following the exercise of share options pursuant to Solution Dynamics Employee Share Option Plan 2014.

Authority for the issue: Board resolution.

Terms or details of the issue: Effective 20 March 2014 the Board authorised the issue of share options to six key staff members – at an exercise price of $0.375 per share and which may be exercised by the participant (in whole or part) in the period from 3 years to 4.5 years from the date that they are granted.

Total number of Securities after the issue 14,559,810

Date of issue: 4 April 2018


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